The Proton Improvement Plan-II (PIP-II) is an essential upgrade to the Fermilab accelerator complex to provide powerful, high-intensity proton beams to the laboratory’s experiments.
The upgrade will enable Fermilab accelerators to create an unprecedented stream of neutrinos, by creating the world’s most intense high energy neutrino beams.

Watch the video about PIP II, the heart of Fermilab.

Zanon is collaborating to the PIP II project through two programs, one with Fermilab and JCLab the SSR2 prototype cavities, the other with Fermilab and INFN for the manufacturing and special surface treatments of the LB650 prototype cavity.

The superconducting cavities are an essential element of the accelerator and their goal is to accelerate charges particles to very high speed, close to the light speed.
Zanon is proud to give its contribution to this important project.